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Unlocking your Career: QQI Certificate in Digital Marketing Strategy

In the era where almost everything is digital, mastering the art of digital marketing is more than a skill—it’s a necessity. For those looking to break into this rapidly growing field or level up their existing career, CMIT’s QQI Level 6 Certificate in Digital Marketing Strategy offers a comprehensive guide to becoming a proficient digital marketer. This article explores the course’s relevance, what it has to offer in terms of skill development, and the kinds of job opportunities it opens up.

The Relevance of Digital Marketing

Surge in Digital Transformation
  • Businesses are increasingly relying on digital channels to reach customers and drive sales. According to a study, companies spent an estimated $2 trillion on digital transformation in 2020, a figure that’s expected to rise exponentially in the coming years1.

Wide Array of Job Opportunities

  • From content strategists and SEO specialists to social media managers and data analysts, the digital marketing industry offers a plethora of roles tailored to different skill sets.

Strategic Relevance

  • As businesses are growing digitally, the requirement for strategic planning in digital marketing is more pronounced than ever. Employers are looking for candidates who not only understand the tactical aspects but can also strategize to meet long-term objectives.

What Does The QQI Level 6 Certificate Course Offer?

  • Course Structure and Features
  • Duration: 12 weeks. Certificate in Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Mode: eLearning with tutor support
  • Assessment: Assignment and Project-based

Topics Covered in this Certificate in Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Unit 1: Foundations of Digital Marketing: A deep dive into the core principles and differences between traditional and digital marketing, ensuring you have a solid base.
  • Unit 2: Web Analytics: This is a key skill in understanding customer behavior. You’ll be trained in traffic metrics, conversion metrics, and aligning them with business goals.
  • Unit 3: Digital Marketing Plan: Develop strategic planning skills through the STAR planning model which covers Situation Analysis, Targets, Actions, and Results.
  • Unit 4: Digital Marketing Tactics: From SEO and display advertising to social media and email marketing, learn the practical skills to execute digital marketing campaigns.

Accreditation and Quality Assurance

The Certificate in Digital Marketing Strategy course is accredited by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), ensuring a nationally recognized qualification.

Who is Certificate in Digital Marketing Strategy course For?

  • Current Digital Marketers: To update their skill set and understand the strategic aspect of digital marketing.
  • Career Shifters: For those who are considering a move into the digital space.
    Beginners: Who have an interest in building a career in digital marketing.
  • Business Owners: Who want to understand how to strategically implement digital marketing in their business operations.

Skill Relevance and Job Opportunities

  • Skill Development: This Certificate in Digital Marketing Strategy course doesn’t just teach you skills; it prepares you for the job market. The strategic planning modules are particularly helpful in real-world scenarios where you’re required to align digital marketing campaigns with business objectives.
  • Job Prospects: Upon completion, you’re not just limited to ‘Digital Marketer’ as a job title. You could work as a Digital Marketing Strategist, SEO Specialist, Content Manager, or even as a Digital
  • Marketing Consultant. According to Indeed, the average salary for digital marketing jobs in Europe ranges between €45,000 to €80,000 depending on experience and location2.
    Freelance Opportunities: The course equips you with enough knowledge and skills to start your freelance digital marketing consultancy, giving you the freedom to choose your projects and clients.

Entry Requirements and Technical Needs

  • Basic Qualification: Leaving Certificate or Level 5 Award or equivalent work/life experience.
  • Geographical Requirement: Must be a resident of Ireland.
  • Technical Requirements: Basic computer proficiency and internet access.


“Digital Transformation Spending in 2020,” IDC, 2020.
“Digital Marketing Salary Survey,” Indeed, 2022.

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