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Studying IT eLearning courses

When choosing an IT eLearning course, it is important to consider how the course will be delivered. Whether it is in a traditional classroom setting, or through distance/eLearning, you must identify which method suits you. There are many benefits to studying IT eLearning courses. Here are some of those advantages:

  • First-Hand Experience – By choosing to study an IT eLearning courses, you will learn through computers and web-based training, giving you first-hand experience with Information Technology. This will benefit you in the long-run as you will learn by trial and error in a real-world context, as opposed to in a classroom.
  • Inexpensive – To study through IT eLearning, you need a computer and an internet connection. This is cost-effective as it eliminates the expenditure of textbooks and materials for classroom-based learning. The cost in transport is also eliminated as you can learn from home or their workplace; practically anywhere with an internet connection!
  • Connect with other IT students – You interact over the web with online eLearning platforms. This allows you to ask questions, communicate about the world of IT, and learn on a wider scale as you interact with others.
  • Constant revision – When you are using the software and technology on a daily basis, you will be revising as you work. This is especially useful if there is an examination process at the end of the IT eLearning course.
  • Job Benefits – With the IT industry growing every year, more jobs are becoming available for people with IT qualifications. One thing which may give you an advantage over students in a classroom setting is the experience of using computers while you studied the course. A student with a degree/certification in IT that was gained through eLearning shows an initiative to work off their own accord, and that they have dealt with computers and learned with them, as opposed to learning about them. Students who choose to study IT eLearning courses are giving themselves a beneficial step in the long-run of their career. Not only will they receive the benefits of eLearning such as a relaxed study time and low costs, they will also have the benefit of learning through first-hand use of the technologies they are studying.


Reskilling Opportunities

CMIT has a number of  relevant courses which opportunities offer upskill and reskill opportunities in this area.


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