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Top 10 Facts about eLearning and Distance Learning

A recent report by the UN confirmed that eLearning is as effective, or better, than Traditional Teaching! Check out these Top 10 Facts about eLearning and Distance Learning. Most countries offer accredited courses through tutor supported eLearning.  An improvement in education positively affects economic growth, both in terms of an increase in GDP and an increase […]

Benefits of eLearning and Distance Learning Courses

Students considering enrolling on an eLearning course have many benefits and advantages, which other students may not have at their disposal. A recent UN Report on eLearning outlined the following advantages in relation to eLearning interventions: ease of access and flexibility, portability, improved student-teacher contact and discussions, and increased discussions with peers. We summarise the […]

Get Certified in IT eLearning courses

Studying IT eLearning courses When choosing an IT eLearning course, it is important to consider how the course will be delivered. Whether it is in a traditional classroom setting, or through distance/eLearning, you must identify which method suits you. There are many benefits to studying IT eLearning courses. Here are some of those advantages: First-Hand […]

UN report on eLearning: “as effective, or better, than Traditional Teaching”

A UN report on eLearning concluded that eLearning is “as effective, or better, than Traditional Teaching”.  Research commissioned by the World Health Organization, by researchers at Imperial College London found that wider use of e-learning might help make up for a global shortfall of 7.2 million health workers identified in a recent WHO report. They […]