New Google Analytics and Social Media Training Course Bundle

CMIT are pleased to announce the addition of the new Google Analytics and Social Media Training course Bundle.


This Google Analytics and Social Media Training course bundle is a highly practical elearning bundle designed to equip learners with skills in: (1) digital marketing, (2) social media, (3) Google analytics (4) Facebook marketing, (5) YouTube advertising, (6) using Reddit as a marketing tool, (7) Pinterest marketing, (8) Twitter marketing, (9) LinkedIn marketing, and (10) using Tumblr as a marketing tool. It is highly suited for: (1) those who are currently working with websites, apps and blogs, and wish to gain skills in online marketing, (2) marketers who wish to acquire online marketing skills, and (3) business owners who wish to take advantage of the internet as a marketing channel for their business.

Topics covered in this Google Analytics and Social Media course

  • Marketing Tools and Tips for Success
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook 101
  • Facebook 102
  • Marketing with Google and YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr

For more information on this Web and Data Analytics course click here