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CompTIA certifications: what people are saying?

Comptia cybersecurity IT

It’s no secret that IT certifications are a major advantage to an Information Technology Professional’s career. Many IT pros would agree that earning “in-demand” certifications, such as CompTIA wide array of IT certifications, can increase your salary, improve your chances of securing the highest-paying jobs in IT and boost your confidence by optimising your tech […]

Skills Gaps within Ireland

Recent research by HRM Recruitment (2018) on Skills gaps in SMEs within Ireland, shows that although the Irish labour market continued to display high levels of unemployment, improvements were evident in almost all labour market indicators. Moreover, there was an increase in the number of mentions of skill gaps in Ireland. In most cases, gaps remained confined to specialised areas. Key areas are […]

Most difficult to fill Jobs in Ireland and training courses

The most recent SOLAS Skills and Labour Market Research Unit (SLMRU) survey of Recruitment Agencies reveals an increase in the number of difficult to fill jobs in Ireland. A significant majority of all difficult to fill mentions were  professional occupations (IT professionals, engineers, accountants, etc.), however, an increasing number of  non-professional roles were mentioned as difficult […]

Strong Growth in some Business Employment Sectors

Growth in Business employment in Ireland The Irish governments initiative to boost business employment creation in the Business and Finance sector, along with strong demand from International multinational tech giants, as job creators, has seen strong growth in employment.   In addition, there has been a major shift in the education and skill requirements for […]