Suggested Reading for Business and Management Courses

Leadership and Management Courses

Team Leadership and Managing People

Credit Control and Debt Management


  • Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G., Harris, L., & Piercy, N.F. (2013). Principles of Marketing. Pearson Education Ltd. Available on Book Store.

Project Management

Event Management

Customer Service

Business Management

ILM Leading Quality Improvement

ILM Service Improvement (Lean Six Sigma)

ILM Executive Coaching


Suggested Reading for Web Design and e-Commerce Courses

Digital Marketing


Web Design


Suggested Reading for Childcare, Healthcare and Education Courses

Early Childhood Care and Education

Training and Development


Suggested Reading for Psychology and Counselling Courses

Workplace Psychology


Life Coaching

Child Psychology

Medical Admin

Drug and Alcohol Counselling

Counselling and Care Counselling

Social Care

Educational Psychology