ABC Bookkeeping course

CMIT has launched a ABC Bookkeeping Course. This course is ideal for those running their own business or those considering a career in finance or accounting. This Bookkeeping course will provide learners with the skills needed to deal with the books and accounts in a corporate environment. This ABC Certificate in Bookkeeping course is designed […]

ABC Dental Practice Administration course

CMIT has launched an ABC Dental Practice Administration course for those who wish to gain a certificate as a Dental Administrator to enable them to begin work or improve their career in a Dental Administration role. No prior knowledge is required. Students will learn the following: (1) Reception Skills, (2) Office Administration, (3) Technology, (4) […]

Benefits of eLearning and Distance Learning Courses

Students considering enrolling on an eLearning course have many benefits and advantages, which other students may not have at their disposal. A recent UN Report on eLearning outlined the following advantages in relation to eLearning interventions: ease of access and flexibility, portability, improved student-teacher contact and discussions, and increased discussions with peers. We summarise the […]

Special Needs Assisting (SNA) eLearning course

CMIT is pleased to announce a new eLearning course which leads to the QQI component certificate in Special Needs Assisting (6N1957).  There will be 15,000 Special Needs Assistants working in Irish schools from   September 2018. This is a 42% increase on 2011. The Government now invests over €500m in SNAs annually, as part of a […]

Irish and UK Qualifications Recognition

Alignment of Qualifications between Ireland and the UK Qualifications can be compared between the UK and Ireland. There are two primary ways to do this. Aligned qualifications: Many UK awards have been formally aligned to the National Framework of Qualifications in Ireland (NFQ). A Rough Guide to Comparing Qualifications: There is a guide which can […]

150k New Digital Jobs to be created in Ireland.

App Developer courses CMIT Courses Distance learning Ireland

150K new digital jobs are expected to be created over the next 2-3 years. Despite significant graduate supply and a number of job seekers with IT skills (many of whom, given the comparatively high turnover estimates, are likely to be only in frictional unemployment), shortages of IT skills continue to exist. IT skills are in […]

CMIT eLearning and distance learning interactive features

CMIT eLearning and distance learning interactive features will help you learn more efficiently, and they will also give you the necessary help and support that you may require to complete your course. Here is a list of features that are offered with CMIT’s eLearning courses: Online access 24×7 to your course: The CMIT eLearning website […]

New CMIT QQI-approved Medical Administration and Terminology Course

CMIT have launched a QQI Medical Administration and Terminology Course. The course is ideal for all those working in administration or customer service roles within Private Consultant clinics, Hospitals, Doctor or Dentist surgeries, and private Health Clinics. This is an area in strong demand in Ireland, with excellent career potential. This programme is designed for people […]

Childcare Courses: Should I complete a Level 5 or a Level 6 for ECCE?

Childcare Legislation requires all childcare workers to hold a minimum of a Level 5 Major Award in Childcare before they are allowed to work in a registered childcare setting.  However, from September 2016 in ECCE services, subsidies will only be paid for individual ECCE Sessions where the ECCE Room leader holds at least a Level […]

New CompTIA Network+ elearning distance learning course

CMIT is delighted to offer the new CompTIA Network+ elearning distance learning course. Network+ is a technical prerequisite option for IT technicians seeking to join the Apple Consultants Network, and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense. It also fulfills US DoD Directive 8570.01-M. CompTIA is the Computing Technology Industry Association with over 20o,000 members worldwide. […]