Notice regarding Early Childhood Care an Education QQI Level 6 Certificate Entry Requirements for Childminders and Nannys

“As part of the QQI specified criteria for this course each learner on the programme will be given an opportunity to acquire knowledge, skill and competence and have some assessments carried out in a notified Early Childhood Care and Education setting or recognised equivalent.” (QQI Programme Specification Document)

Learning Outcomes identified by QQI include:

  • “Demonstrate knowledge of a range of perspectives of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in addition to policies, procedures and best practice guidelines that support the delivery of an effective early childhood care and education service.
  • Apply a comprehensive range of interpersonal, pedagogical and supervisory skills in the effective delivery of an early childhood care and education service.
  • Respond appropriately to the care and education needs of children of different ages, stages, interests and abilities, taking account of diversity and promoting equality and inclusion.
  • Plan, implement and evaluate curriculum delivery to include a range of activities and experiences both child lead and adult initiated, in support of the development, well-being and learning of children in the context of national guidelines and best practice procedures.”

In keeping with the learning outcomes identified by QQI, the CMIT entry requirements for the Early Childhood Care and Education QQI level 6 Major Award include:

  • That applicants must be currently working, or on work experience, in the childcare sector for a minimum of 6 hours per week.
  • Childminder’s must have access to an ECCE setting to complete some assessments.
  • Participation in live online classes / webinars. These are held on Thursday evenings from 7pm-9pm. For a complete schedule contact the college.
  • That some assessments must be evaluated by a suitably qualified supervisor or manager.

Childminders and Nannys:

A registered childminder / nanny can use their childminding experience for the following modules:

The following modules will require childminder’s / nanny’s to have access to a registered Early Childhood Care and Education setting to complete tasks for the following modules:

If you are not currently a registered childminder / Nanny you will need to secure a minimum of 6 hours per week in a registered Early Childcare Care and Education Setting.

Further information on becoming a registered childminder can be found at this link