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This programme is designed for people who wish to gain a recognised qualification as a Medical Secretary course to enable them to begin work or improve their career in Medical Secretary, Medical Reception and Medical Administration roles. No prior knowledge is required. Students will learn how to: (1) use and understand medical terminology, (2) understand relevant legislation, (3) manage healthcare records,  (4) create healthcare records, (5) administer a medical office environment, and (6) prepare medical reports. The course is ideal for all those working in administration or customer service roles within Private Consultant clinics, Hospitals, Doctor or Dentist surgeries, and private Health Clinics.

Your Tutor will support you throughout the duration of the course. You complete the course by undertaking activities and assignments. Our student support team are also available for any other queries that you may have whilst completing your course. You can be assured that support is available for your course, so there is no need to struggle or feel isolated during your studies.

By choosing to study this course with CMIT, Students have 24×7 access to CMIT eLearning for the duration of the course. This includes a comprehensive Course Manual, Video, Quizzes and personalised Tutor Support. The course documentation for this course is detailed and easy to read. You will also be able to upload assessments online and receive online feedback. You can use the eLearning system from any computer that has internet access.

Who should complete this Medical Secretary course ?
  • Administrators within the healthcare sector.
  • Customer service personnel within the healthcare sector.
  • Office and admin staff within Private Consultant clinics, Hospitals, Doctor or Dentist surgeries, and private Health Clinics.
  • Medical Administrators who wish to gain a nationally accredited qualification.
Entry Requirements / Prerequisites
  • Learners must have completed a Level 4 certificate or equivalent or have relevant Life or Work Experience.
  • Learners must be a resident of Ireland / based in Ireland.
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Topics covered in this Medical Secretary course

Unit 1. Medical Terminology

  • Medical Terminology
  • Constructing Medical Terms
  • Prefixes, Root Words and Suffixes
  • Common Abbreviations
  • Specialist Medical Terminology
  • Other Medical Terms

Unit 2: Legislation and Information Sources

  • Relevant Legislation
  • Health and Safety
  • Confidentiality and Ethics
  • HSE Patient Charter
  • Information Sources

Unit 3: Healthcare Reports

  • Healthcare Records
  • Creating and Managing Healthcare Records
  • Patient Care Guidelines
  • Communication Skills
  • Reception Skills
  • Case Notes
  • Medical Reports and Referrals
  • The course is assessed through completion of a written Assignments and a Skills Demonstration (which involves case studies and completion of a Medical Report).
  • As part of our quality assurance, assessment work will be marked by an Internal Assessor, then checked by an Internal Verifier and an independent QQI External Authenticator.
Transfer and Progression to Further Studies
  • This course leads to a level 5 component award on the National Framework of Qualifications.
  • Learners who complete this programme may use it as a credit towards the Level 5 major Award in Office Administration (5M1997). This component may also be used as a credit towards relevant level 5 and level 6 Major awards.
  • Following successful completion of this course you will receive a QQI Level 5 award in Medical Terminology (5N2428)
  • QQI is the national awarding body for further education and training in Ireland. CMIT is registered with QQI to offer programmes leading to QQI awards in the National Framework of Qualifications in Ireland.
  • Please note that there is a Eur60 fee payable for administration, moderation and certification.
  • Click here for Accreditation Details
Student Reviews of this Course

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by Student July 2017 on Jul 10 2017 10:06

Well worthwhile. I would encourage others to do it as it really is enlightening.

by Student July 2017 on Jul 7 2017 10:16

I am currently on maternity leave and will be returning to work in August. The CMIT online course is suitable for me as I am a stay at home mum and I can work in my own time. The course covers everything I need to know to become a medical secretary. CMIT provides tutor assistance which is a huge bonus. I would highly recommend CMIT to anyone looking to do an online course.

by Student July 2017 on Jul 3 2017 17:04

Very convenient due to being all on-line and personal service , it covered a wide variety of interesting modules, flexible and great support from tutor.

by Student July 2017 on Jul 3 2017 16:37

I enjoyed the course, I found it to be very helpful in gaining new skills in order to transition over from my current job which is veterinary based to a human medical based job.

by Student June 2017 on Jun 8 2017 14:10

I found the course very informative and suited to my needs.

by Student May 2017 on May 22 2017 10:57

The course is easy accessible very easy to understand and explained clearly you also have many options for help throughout the duration of the course.

by Student May 2017 on May 22 2017 10:56

Overall i found the course to be easy to understand and also great interest with great detail and well directed for information to enable completion.

by Student May 2017 on May 18 2017 09:13

I was particularly interested in an online course which I could complete at my own pace, at the most convenient times for me and in the comfort of my own home. The course appeared to suit my requirements. I submitted online enquiries for this and other courses. The immediate and comprehensive response I received from CMIT, played a large part in my decision making. I am satisfied that now, having completed the course, that is has fulfilled it's brief and my requirements. I look forward to receiving the last feedback and hope that I will have satisfactorily passed and completed same

by Student May 2017 on May 16 2017 10:49

I enjoyed the course and i would recommend it to others looking to upskill or gain a new skill.

by Student May 2017 on May 15 2017 14:07

I really enjoyed the course, as it was very interesting and helped me gain new skills. My tutor was very prompt on assessing my work and gave excellent and clear feedback on them. I liked the way you can stop a lecture and come back where you left off.

by Student May 2017 on May 10 2017 12:48

A really great course, learned lots of new skills.

by Student May 2017 on May 2 2017 10:37

A really great course with a job in medical administration in mind, I learnt so much doing this course. Really enjoyed it.

by Student May 2017 on May 2 2017 10:31

Overall i enjoyed the course and would consider doing another if needs be.

by Student April 2017 on Apr 25 2017 12:41

Course was excellent.

by Student April 2017 on Apr 25 2017 12:39

I found this course great as you have no travel hassle , therefore more time to spend on the course. Great especially with children as you study any time that suits you. I found my tutor Claire Fannin excellent, giving you very clear and concise feedback on assignments, and very prompt replying to messages. Notes were very clear and concise also.

by Student April 2017 on Apr 25 2017 12:36

I found the staff very pleasant and helpful and the course seemed to be very thorough. The information provided on the webpage was very helpful and outlined all the necessary requirements for this course and all the benefits for completing it. This was a very interesting course to do and I am glad that I have completed it and I hope that it will be of benefit to me in finding a job in administration

by Student April 2017 on Apr 25 2017 12:27

I am enjoying the course immensely and find the process, the content and the assistance available very satisfactory. I would have no problem with recommending CMIT to friends and colleagues

by Student April 2017 on Apr 12 2017 11:14

I really enjoyed the course. The course content was very interesting and I have increased my knowledge and feel that by completing this course it will assist in me in obtaining a career that I can apply my new found skills to. My tutor Claire was extremely helpful and expressed encouragement throughout the feedback process during all stages of the assessments. This was my first time to complete an online course and found the whole process very positive and enjoyable.

by Student April 2017 on Apr 10 2017 10:12

I really enjoyed it.

by Student April 2017 on Apr 6 2017 09:04

Course content was varied and relevant. Tutor was very helpful and encouraging in her comments.
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