Updated 15 January, 2014


How CMIT eLearning Works

How CMIT eLearning Works*

Now you can log-in to your course anywhere you have an internet connection. Review your course resources online and upload your assessments when you are ready. You also have Tutor support if you have problems and your Tutor will provide feedback on your assessments. When you have completed all your assessments fully, your work is assessed and your certificate is issued to you.

Benefits of CMIT eLearning
  • Certification: CMIT is registered with FETAC to offer programmes in the National Framework of Qualifications in Ireland, which is recognised by Government and Employers.
  • Tutor Support: You can get one-to-one support from your Tutor online and personalised feedback on your progress. Telephone support is also provided by our Student Support Team.
  • Convenience: Learn anywhere, anytime. You have 24x7 online access to your course. You do not have to travel to go attend classes.
  • A New Way to Learn! Most courses are assessed by project work and assignments. Learning is now more interesting with video, quizzes, and self-paced activities. You don't need fast broadband, just an internet connection.

Technical Requirements
  • CMIT eLearning will work through a Mac or PC (using XP, Vista or Windows 7).
  • Your computer must have an internet connection with a speed of at least 1mb.
  • You should have Internet Explorer 7 or greater, Firefox 2 or greater, Safari 4 or greater and your browser set to
    accept cookies and pop-ups.
  • You may need to download free software, such as Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader, to view content.
  • Content in each course differs and may include video. Your computer should be capable of playing video and sound.
  • Web Design and Photography courses use additional software downloads which will only run on Microsoft Windows.


* eLearning and tutor support may vary by course, please check each course page for details.

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