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Business Management (FETAC Level 6) Distance Learning and eLearning Courses

Course Details

This distance learning course equips Managers (and those new to Management) with comprehensive skills to improve their organisational and people management abilities. Students will learn how to: (1) organise company structures/teams, (2) complete internal and external organisation reviews, (3) effectively lead and manage staff, (4) manage their time more effectively, and (5) learn how to be more organised as Managers.

This distance learning, FETAC accredited course means that Students can study flexibly at home, or at work, and can gain a nationally accredited Qualification. The course is designed for those working in Large Companies, SMEs or the Public Sector.

By choosing to study this course with CMIT, Students have 24x7 access to CMIT eLearning for the duration of the course. This includes a comprehensive Course Manual, Video, Quizzes and personalised Tutor Support. The course documentation for this FETAC certified course is detailed and easy to read. You will also be able to upload assessments online and receive online feedback. You can use the eLearning system from any computer that has internet access.


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Topics Covered in this Course

Unit 1: Organisation Structure and Culture

  • The Management Process
  • Organisation Mission
  • Organisation Structure
  • Organisation Culture
  • PEST Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis


Unit 2: Techniques for Managing Activities

  • Customer Management
  • Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Change Management


Unit 3: Managing Workplans

  • Management v Leadership
  • Staff Selection and Induction
  • Setting Standards and Objectives
  • Decision Making
  • Delegation


Unit 4: Monitoring and Control

  • Introduction
  • Activity and Quality Control
  • People Performance Management
  • Budget Control

Who should complete this course?

  • Existing Managers and Supervisors who wish to gain a formal accredited qualification.
  • Newly appointed Managers and Supervisors who wish to learn how to manage people and teams.
  • Managers in business who have direct reports and wish to learn best-practice techniques for managing people.

Entry Requirements / Pre-requisites

  • Leaving Cert or equivalent, and/or relevant Life or Work Experience.
  • As this programme is delivered through distance learning, students must be capable of studying on their own initiative.
  • A basic working knowledge of computers and access to a computer with internet access is required to do the course.
  • Learners must currently be working or have access to work experience or an organisation where they will be able to discuss, review and reflect on various business management scenarios - this is to facilitate the assessment requirements for the course.

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  • This course is assessed through Assignments and a Project.
  • All work submitted must be your own work. There is no exam with this course.
  • As part of our quality assurance, student assessment work will be marked by an Internal Assessor, then checked by an Internal Verifier and an independent FETAC External Authenticator.

Transfer and Progression to Further Studies

  • This course leads to a level 6 component award on the National Framework of Qualifications.
  • Students who successfully complete this programme may use this level 6 component certificate as credit towardsredit towards the FETAC Advanced Certificates including: Business (6M4985) and Administration (6M5013). For more details contact us.


  • Following successful completion you will receive a FETAC Level 6 component certificate in Business Management (6N4310) from FETAC.
  • The Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) is the national awarding body for further education and training in Ireland. CMIT is registered with FETAC to offer programmes leading to FETAC awards in the National Framework of Qualifications in Ireland.
  • Please note that there is a EUR60 fee payable for administration, moderation and certification.

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Read Reviews (25)
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by info@cmit.ie on Apr 11 2014 14:53

Student April 2014 I found this course very interesting and my tutor Claire was a fantastic help.

by info@cmit.ie on Apr 8 2014 09:20

Student April 2014 Very helpful course and being able to study and learn while still working is very important.

by info@cmit.ie on Mar 28 2014 14:13

Student March 2014 The course is very interesting. i am learning a lot and putting it into practice in my work area.

by info@cmit.ie on Feb 4 2014 15:34

Student January 2014 Found the course very good and found the assessments very interesting to resource and complete.

by info@cmit.ie on Jan 29 2014 16:56

Student January 2014 I feel that this is an excellent course, with good content and helpful video and quizzes.

by info@cmit.ie on Oct 1 2013 15:57

Student Oct 2013 I have developed many skills from this course and confidence. It was a fantastic course to do and I look forward to completing more.I have developed many skills from this course and confidence. It was a fantastic course to do and I look forward to completing more.

by info@cmit.ie on Sep 18 2013 17:17

Student September 2013 The course covers a lot of areas which are relevant to my role. They have given me a lot of insight and ideas on how to motivate my team around performance management which has been a great help to me at work

by info@cmit.ie on Aug 12 2013 12:59

Student Aug 2013 This course certainly gets you thinking, excellent for a person in Finance improving their skills.

by info@cmit.ie on Jul 30 2013 17:20

Student July 2013 I am very much enjoying this course and i hope to complete it successfully.And continue to go on and do more courses.

by info@cmit.ie on Jun 12 2013 10:48

Student June 2013 I really enjoyed the course and it has motivated me to undertake more courses through CMIT

by info@cmit.ie on May 15 2013 12:24

Student May 2013 I have found the course to be extremely interesting and would recommend CMIT to friends and family.

by info@cmit.ie on May 2 2013 16:48

Student May 2013 I thought the course was very useful, consolidating a lot of what I already have experience in.

by info@cmit.ie on Mar 19 2013 16:01

Student March 2013 I chose to study with CMIT as it has a high level of positive feedback from previous and on going students who study with them. I felt it would fit perfectly into my life as well as being able to work full time whilst studying also.

by info@cmit.ie on Mar 14 2013 12:45

Student March 2013 Excellent. I loved doing it at my own time and pace.

by info@cmit.ie on Mar 14 2013 12:41

Student March 2013 Happy I chose this course as it has helped increase my skillset as a manager.

by Sinead Oconnor on Feb 25 2013 11:55

Student 2012 Interesting course... learning lots. might do another course after this one.

by info@cmit.ie on Jan 29 2013 15:40

Student 2013 I am enjoying doing the course and am learning things about the business industry that will hopefully get me new employment.

by info@cmit.ie on Jan 3 2013 14:11

Student Jan 2013 I would like to thank all associated with the college for giving me the chance to earn this qualification. I really enjoyed my studies and never seen them as a chore. Would highly recommend.

by info@cmit.ie on Dec 17 2012 10:16

Student Dec 2012 Very good course....really worth the time and effort

by info@cmit.ie on Dec 11 2012 12:15

Student Dec 2012 I would like to thank the college for helping my achieve my goal. The course was very interesting and well laid out. The time scale for assignments to be submitted is very achievable.

by info@cmit.ie on Nov 26 2012 10:32

Student (November 2012) Great way to study. I have two small children and work full time. This was such a practical way to study when it suited me. I enjoyed the course very much.

by info@cmit.ie on Oct 23 2012 11:45

Student Oct 2012 The course is a real eye opener to help me broaden my skillset and also improve my current skills.

by Student (July 2012) on Jul 18 2012 21:22

Really enhanced my Management of staff, and helped me understand various topics within my work setting! It did require a lot of personal commitment,as completion of the course requires self application, and commitment to stay focused. It broadened my perspective on a lot of topics, and has benefited both myself and my work place, because I was able to apply what I learned very easily!A definite excellent course for anyone wanting to further their career into the area of Management, or just for having a better understanding of Managing staff with whom they work. Excellent A++ Tutor feedback, and help and correspondence throughout the duration of the Course. Anne-Marie Mangan Student Number 100572

by Student 0455 on May 30 2012 09:31

In general I found the course very interesting, I was able to relate alot of the course material to situations in my work place which I found helpful. I believe the course will benefit me in any future courses i may do and also in my career.

by Student 1134 on May 25 2012 11:02

Very interesting ground level entry to business management. Overall timing of the course was good so long as one applied themselves to keeping with the course schedule.
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